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Our next Guest is.. Dr. Flavia Mancini

Updated: May 29, 2020

This will be the start of a new tradition. As we are inviting exciting, smart and bright human beings to our Pub we like to introduce the person first.

Flavia Mancini - We have tried to pronounce her name a million times correctly. Her Italian background and while she is currently based in the UK we go for Brittiliano. Hope it will do.

Flavia is a neuroscientist based at the University of Cambridge, UK. She has dedicated her career to exploring persistent pain and is particularly interesting in the role of human brain mechanisms.

Flavia is making serious waves in the pain research world. In particular, her 2019 paper titled "Fine-Grained Mapping of Cortical Somatotopies in Chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" brought into question long held (entrenched) beliefs about cortical change and pain. We are particularly excited to hear about Flavia's current translational studies exploring pain and fatigue and as part of the discussion have invited people living with pain to sit on the panel and offer their insights and reflections on the talk. 

Her research goal is to shine a light on biological mechanisms in order to inform treatments and ultimately, help clinicians support their patients in the practice.

Researching pain is a passion for her. Reading her website (, you can see that she has a drive to push our healthcare and research community to learn more about what the brain and nervous system might be doing when someone is in pain.

"I was surprised to discover how little is known about spatial coding of noxious input. So there I started."

That was back in 2009 and since then she has produced many papers on nociception and how pain might be being modulated by regions of the brain.

We are excited to host Flavia on Le Pub Home Brew (June 11) and can’t wait to hear your questions when we explore whether the brain learns to feel and control pain.

Go to events and get your tickets!

Some interesting links to Flavia’s work in mainstream media:

Where does it hurt? Using lasers in pain research: The GuardianScientific AmericanNew Scientist

Visual modulation of pain perception: BBC NewsWall Street JournalNew ScientistScientific AmericanScience DailyTelegraphCorriere della Sera, Radio 4 Today.

Does the brain learn to feel and control pain?

Join us in welcoming Dr Flavia Mancini to the next Le Pub Home Brew on Thursday 11th June (14.00 Chicago; 20.00 London; 21.00 Amsterdam; 22.00 Istanbul; 04.30 Adelaide).

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