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Professor Lorimer Moseley + Special Guests

3 sessions (5.5 hours)

Live and Interactive

EU US AU timezones

Is Pain Always Protective?

Endless questions

No upcoming events at the moment
About Pain Science Education.

Pain Science Education.

Pain Science Education aims to support Pain Education for professionals worldwide to connect and learn about pain, treatment and philosophy. We believe that Online education in particular helps to bridge the gap between professions, geography and economic differences. Online education also prevents unnececeraly traveling costs and Co2 emissions. Our selection of  courses and events are proofed to be Live, Interactive and engaging. 


Do you want to advertise an Online Course or event - please contact us below in the Contact form.


No upcoming events at the moment
About le Pub.

let's go online 

We think Online Events and Education are starting to become the next standard. Live Online Courses can be fun, engaging and exciting. And we know because we are doing it and we are only doing it well. Organizing an online event takes a lot, and if it is not your core business you probably need some help! We can offer you the help you need.


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