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“Pain is an unpleasant conscious experience that emerges from the brain when the sum of all the available information suggests that you need to protect a particular part of your body”

Professor Lorimer Moseley 

Cutting Edge Pain Science with Professor Lorimer Moseley

19 & 20 June 2021
21 & 22 June 2021
24 & 25 June 2021
A Two-day course

Pain Science Education.

Pain Science Education aims to support Pain Education for professionals who work with people in the wide range of pain conditions. The Blog hosts will have input from Philosopher chatting with Clinicians,  researchers and patient voice. By organizing regular events on the topic human pain and everything that might influence the professions may occur on this website. Hope You Like It!

Upcoming Events
Le Pub Home Brew with Dr. Bronnie Thompson
Le Pub Home Brew with Dr. Tasha Stanton
Le Pub Home Brew with Dr. Morten Hoegh
Mick Thacker
The Hogeweyk
Lorimer Moseley Amsterdam 2021
Melbournestraat 1
Lorimer Moseley Barcelona 2021
Centre Univers
Lorimer Moseley London 2021
ACT in the Clinic
Course - Morten Hoegh - Applied neuroscience for the paining person
Saint Leonards Hospital
Bronnie Thompson
Saint Leonards Hospital

Le Pub Scientifique started in London 2012 as a regular meeting place for clinicians, therapists and (really) anyone working in the area of complex pain to come together and share ideas. It was inspired by the classic Pat Wall quote:



“Any discussion of work after 6pm can be done if it is outside the clinic/lab and with a drink in hand” !

We are continuing this tradition to Amsterdam and invite you to come talk with us, think with us and drink with us!

Le Pub Scientifique will host a number of well known and interesting experts from the painfield and local heroes eg. Lorimer Moseley, Tim Beames, David Butler, Mick Thacker, Matt Low, Anina Schmidt, Morten Hoegh, Ben Cormack, Roger Kerry, Tim Salomons, Jarod Hall, Mike Stewart, Katja Weich, Sarah Haag, Sandy Hilton, Julian Kieverstein, Adam Meakins, Flavia Mancini, Bronnie Thompson, Tasha Stanton, Bart van Buchem, Roland Reezicht, Vincent Kortleve will or have shared their thoughts in Le Pub. Join us!


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