Professor Lorimer Moseley + Special Guests

3 sessions (5.5 hours)

Live and Interactive

EU US AU timezones


  • Bronnie Thompson: Course - ACT for people in pain
    Tue, 29 Jun
    Le Pub Scientifique Courses
    29 Jun, 19:00 BST – 20 Jul, 22:00 BST
    Le Pub Scientifique Courses
    This two-day workshop is designed for healthcare professionals who have little or no experience in using ACT for people in pain
  • Morten Hoegh -  Course: Applied Neuroscience For The Paining Person
    12 May, 17:30 – 02 Jun, 21:30
    Le Pub Scientifique Courses
    This course will give you a clear sense of people's suffering and why they are in pain - making you a more capable, empathic clinician
  • Siri Leknes at Le Pub Scientifique
    Tue, 11 May
    Le Pub Home Brew
    11 May, 20:00 – 22:00 CEST
    Le Pub Home Brew
    Opioids are famous for their ability to relieve pain and cause pleasure. These mythical effects may however be just that: mythical
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Pain Science Education aims to support Pain Education for professionals worldwide to connect and learn about pain, treatment and philosophy.


We believe that Online education in particular helps to bridge the gap between professions, geography and economic differences.


Online education also prevent unnececary travel costs and Co2 emissions. Our selection of  courses and events are proofed to be Live, Interactive and engaging. 


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